Strategy Consulting

Purple Ventures will help you envisage & decide upon a calculated route for your organization. We will lead the way by analyzing your current competencies & recommending a way ahead, whether by building on your existing strengths or creating new products & services. Experience tells us that marketing & distribution functions have a very huge part in generating revenue, retaining customers & achieving the overall company’s objectives. Hence, we provide valuable inputs in all related areas, including channel management, customer segmentation, pricing strategy & go-to-market strategies.

This is how we can help you with strategy development for different work areas:

• Develop a united, inclusive strategy management structure
• Build balanced scorecards & operational dashboards
• Identify effective performance matrices that resonate with the company’s overall goals
• Set up performance appraisals & identify improvement opportunities
• Create & execute performance improvement measures that yield excellent results
• Chanel company management policy from a reactive one to an active one that plans ahead & has the procedures in place to maintain a level of performance excellence

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