The logistics sector in India has today become an area of priority. One prime reason for the same stems from the reason that years of high growth in the Indian economy have resulted in a significant rise in the volume of freight traffic moved. This large volume of traffic has provided for growth opportunities in all facets of logistics including transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, express cargo delivery, container services, shipping services etc. The growth path has also meant that increase demand is being placed on the sector to provide the solutions required for supporting future growth. Going forward it will not be wrong to say that the strength of the logistics sector is likely to be one of the key determinants of the pace of future growth of the economy.

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Various estimates put the market size of the logistics sector in India to be between USD 90-125 billion. Given that the Indian economy has grown to over USD 1.73 trillion these estimates may already be well below the actual size of the industry. Sources also estimate that the industry employs over 45 million people and is growing at the rate of 15% with sub-sector growing at even 30-40% per annum. Due to its current growth and its future growth potential the Indian logistics sector is viewed as one of the most attractive in the world. The Emerging Market Survey, 2011 conducted by Transport Intelligence highlights India’s attractiveness as a strong growth area for logistics in the future. The survey found that nearly half of its respondents agreed that India would emerge as a major logistics hub in the future. Also India’s rapid growth and market size were the key factors for global players looking at opportunities in the region.

logi 2Despite holding promise the logistics sector in India remains mired in several complexities which have the potential of holding it back. These include significant inefficiencies in transportation, poor condition of storage infrastructure, a complex tax structure, low rate of technology adoption and poor skills of the logistics professionals.
Sources: Delloite India, Indian Chamber of Commerce

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