Paper Management: Stay Traditional or GO DIGITAL

  Ateet Sanghavi   Jan 23, 2014   Uncategorized   Comments Off on Paper Management: Stay Traditional or GO DIGITAL


Entrepreneurs today are starting to rely more and more on digital platforms to conduct business. Salaries are no longer given using cheques, bills are no longer submitted in hard copies. For an entrepreneur, traditional methods of management are long forgotten. The latest in this trend, is digital paper management.

A business would be keeper of multiple, important papers- legal, business and maybe personal in nature. Traditionally, a business would keep documents filed away, which will go on accumulating over time. Here is why digital paper management may work for you and your organization:

Ease of access: If you convert your documents from hard copies to soft copies and upload them onto a website/ server which lets you store and maintain your documents, you can access your documents at the click of a button. Searching for a document on a portal like this will be much less tedious and time consuming than sifting through a million files.

Negligible risk of loss: With all your documents stored away safely online, you run no risk of losing them. No freak fires, no theft, no using them to mop up your spilt coffee, nothing can take your papers away from you. Online servers may crash you say? Well, with the latest technology that the portals have adopted to dedicate their space to you, the chances of that happening is next to none.

Search Engine Optimization: Believe it or not, saving your documents online will help your company get noticed. The legal documents which are saved online get “indexed” in the world wide web and tend to bring your company higher up in the list of results on search engines.

Key to transparency: By saving your legal and important documents online, you can also choose to share them with your customers and investors. They can then get an closer look into your company’s functioning and details. This may greatly help your company’s image because it shows that you have nothing to hide.

Promotion: You could possibly use these saved documents as a part of your promotion, use them to bring across your brand promise and repeatedly reinforce it. All the people looking at your company online, will then be privy to your brands promise and all that you want to communicate about your brand

Save Paper: Traditional usage of paper leads to wastage. More often than not legal papers are not recycled even after they are way past their usage limit. Also hard copies of legal documents mean photocopies which lead to more and more wastage of paper. While using soft copies of your documents, you can choose to stay away from printed material and go green.

However simple these steps may sound, there are a few things that every entrepreneur must keep in mind before deciding to choose the digital medium for all paper management. For example, some legal documents may not be valid if produced in a soft copy format. When it comes to papers like these it is a good idea to use the soft copy as a backup instead of the main document. Till such a time that the government bodies start recognizing soft copies of legal documents at least. But for all other purposes, digital paper management is the way to go.

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