An Ideator is a conceptualist; the person responsible for coming up with the original gem of an idea that now needs to be translated into a successful business venture.

Purple Ventures works with Ideators to develop the strategic action plans needed to arrive at the winning move of the business. It starts by analyzing existing options that could potentially quadruple the idea’s growth & even assessing why it hasn’t been done before. Our process considers every aspect of the business, including product & service development, research & development, technology development, sales & marketing, team & staffing needs, accounting & financial controls, as well as operations.

One of our main goals while working with Ideators is to achieve fruition in record time, by facilitating rapid conversion of ideas into fully functional businesses. This is attained by our full lifecycle R&D services that are based on a fixed budget, team & schedule. They perform the following functions:

• Define the product/service vision vis-a-vis market needs.
• Understand the technology needed for scalability & flexibility in a product’s design/service offering.
• Provide continuous visibility, iterative control & reduced risks through agile engineering methods.
• Launch, host & support the product/service through our partner ecosystem.

Purple Ventures ideation services focus on the following areas of interest:
• Whiteboard to market
• Ideation acceleration
• Product/Service usability & design
• Customization/Implementation

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