Growing green plantIn biological terms, incubation refers to the act of keeping an organism, cell or cell culture in conditions favorable for growth & development. Similarly, at Purple Ventures, our constant endeavor is to create conditions favorable for the growth & development of your business. We provide an array of business support resources & services, which ensure that your business will in fact, stay in business. We start with Mentoring & Consultancy services, where we will have a team of world-class mentors providing input & advise after which we focus on raising seed capital. We help our companies bag important accounts & achieve their pre-determined sales targets, if not exceed them. Last but not the least, we perform the function of marketing & branding consultants to ensure that your company benefits from proper market-research driven branding activities.

We believe if your start-up is consumer focused, you must be brand focused. Through our incubator, we unfold consumer insights that will help you transform your start-up into a brand. We selectively identify & work closely with entrepreneurs & professionals in:

• Understanding market needs: This is done to evaluate what are the gaps in the market, where the any business opportunities lie, what is the best financial model & what approach to take whilst pitching to investors.
• Creation of overall business strategy & execution: We provide support in numerous roles till the company becomes self-sufficient & self-sustaining.
• Human resource management: Creating performance metrics & corporate governance structures.
• Raising capital: Investor pitches & relations, including but not limited to exit options.

An alternative business model involves, us becoming a part of your company as significant minority shareholder, so that our goals are aligned & in sync with one another. The entire process involves us spending a substantial amount of time with your company on an annual basis. We will attend board meetings, & set up a process for weekly, monthly or quarterly reviews as required. We will also be involved in talent recruitment & head hunting.

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